I can’t remember when I started to draw. It’s been like a whole life ago..
But I remember starting to love it somewhere on the way. I remember wanting to be better, faster, more skilled.. to use pictures to tell stories I had in my head. And those I had A LOT OF, believe me.
The thing is, I never learned to draw the way I wanted to. Couldn’t do it by myself,  didn’t have anyone to teach me..
When I was about 9 years old, American comics came to my country and suddenly I’ve had materials to learn from. Marvel’s Punisher, Spider-Man and X-men became my best friends for many years, along with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thorgal, and couple of other sources.
Then, when I turned 15, came Internet. Whole wide world was there for me, of course it didn’t have ANYTHING about EVERYTHING like it has now, but it still helped. Sadly, as much as it tought me, it also destroyed my dreams – I had proof now, that there was A LOT OF people in my age, being much, much better at this stuff the me.
And so, one evening, I gave up. Trashed all my pencils, ballpens, inks. Huge step for a boy that for years was dreaming about living his life with drawing, don’t you think?

Maybe that helped me to learn things on other fields. I turned to photography for a while, wrote a science-fiction on-line novel, worked as a graphic designer and even learned some 3D techniques.. Then I realised, I never realy gave up on my dream. I still wanted to do comics, and now I’ve had other means to do it.
That’s how – and why – I created “1.000.000 Miles Away” comic. Using 3D and some graphic tricks I’ve learned, for three years I’ve been telling my readers the story of space bounty hunters and their lives. Until life became too compicated and I didn’t have time to do this any more..

And now.. Well, now I’m a lot older then I used to be ;) Everyday I fight for survival in this grown-ups world, waiting for weekends (which in my case mean free Saturday), loosing my time and life doing things that won’t matter in a couple of years to anyone. More and more, I need somewhere to escape to.  And some way to do it. And more and more, I’m thinking, that maybe the very thing I gave up a half lifetime ago, might be the answer.

So there it is. Pure purpose of this blog – to give me a reason and motivation to draw and paint. To give me a pleace to keep and share the results. And maybe – just maybe – to be the stepping stone to ressurecting my childhood dream.
Heh, at the very least, It will help me train writing in English ;x

Thanks for reading,