So you’ve stumbled upon my blog. Sorry, not my fault :P
But since you’re already here, you propably wonder, what can you expect to find?

Every dirty secret of my life? Hour-by-hour transcription of my every day? Not likely. What you WILL find here, are my drawings.

Sometimes about something inspired by life, sometimes something about me or a thing I experienced, but mostly asorted pictures stright from my troubled imagination. Some of them funny, some of them sad, and maybe even a few scary ones. Finished and colored pieces, quick sketches, and sometimes just black&white scribblings. Ocassional comic from time to time, or even a picture I took.

As you can see, there are several categories available. For now we have:
* Life happens… – inspired by situations from my actual life.
* Short Stories – comics telling a story on just a couple of pages
* Shutter releases – photographs
* Weird things – single ideas, drawings,  sketches
* Why so serious? – comic jokes

Take a look around. See, if you like what you’ve found. Leave a comment or two. Then go out and try to have some fun, but remember this:
You’re always welcomed back.